Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kill the Bill

We've been at the Capitol this afternoon.
We were there yesterday, too.  Joining the protests.
For this little guy and for the sake of our great country.
Pleading that they would kill the bill.  Some legislators assured us they would try.
And we're still praying they will succeed.


J said...

Elizabeth, I am so glad you are there and wish we could be there standing beside you. While not there in body, we are there in spirit. KILL THE BILL! May God have mercy on us.

BettieBoyd said...

You've done your best, let's hope our Congressmen do theirs.

Aunt Betty said...

Today is a very SAD day.

Rhonda Hennessy said...

It makes me so happy that y'all can pick up and go and have your voices heard! There's nothing like a sweet little child to really convict your heart about something. I'm still praying that somehow the courts will do something to overturn this silly plan.

BettieBoyd said...

First time I've ever seen Jacob not smiling, except when you were sick. Very appropriate for this unfortunate turn of public events. As passed, it won't help anybody who needs help, and won't protect anyone in need of protection. Sigh.

BettieBoyd said...

Second P.S.--- Glad Andrew is a real Washington baby with his smocked sit-in/demonstration outfit!