Friday, February 12, 2010

Snowed In

Apparently, the snowmageddon was not enough.  After all that, we then had another foot or so of the white stuff dumped on us Tuesday and Wednesday.  Most of Wednesday looked like this out our window--near white-out conditions, with the wind howling.
So, we're officially on day 8 of being snowed in.  Ugh!  On the lesser of the snow days, we've snuck out for a few meals in the neighborhood, but that's it.  The sidewalks and intersections are still so piled up with snow that there's no hope of getting anywhere with a stroller.   At some intersections, you still have to climb over huge, frozen mounds.  I'm thinking about attempting a trip to the mall today with Andrew, because we'd only have to get down one block to the Metro and then the entrance to the mall is inside the other Metro station.  We need to get out!

Case in point: the little guy has literally started tearing the house apart.  We heard him playing in his crib after naptime the other day and left him for a bit, since he seemed to be enjoying himself.  Oh, he was.  He tore open his mattress and ripped the foam out in pieces!

But he really has been a good sport.  We've done a lot of walking the halls of the building.  We go watch people work out through the glass wall of the gym.  I'm sure it makes them feel very comfortable.  We go watch people swim in the too-cold indoor pool.  Again, comfort-inducing.

We've spent a lot of time sitting in the toy bin.
We've pushed his scooter up and down the hallways with a Swiffer Wet mop.  Glad nobody caught me in the middle of that activity.  We've gone down to the lobby to check the mail again and again.  By the way, even the postal service couldn't defeat the double-doozy snowstorms.  No mail.  We've read Barnyard Boogie eighty-three thousand times.  We've colored with crayons.  We've tried to be verrrrrrry quiet while Jacob participated in umpteen teleconferences from home.

And we've just played, played, played.
But I think we best seize the day of no snow, because there's more coming our way Monday!!!  Can you believe it???


aunt Betty said...

It looks like a trip to the mall is needed to buy a new mattress!

julie said...

It sounds like you have a documented case of cabin fever!

BettieBoyd said...

Desperation!!! A block is a long way to carry him. Be careful!!!

EWP said...

I cannot believe you're getting even more snow. Sending warm thoughts for melting, so you can get out of the house!

Malacy said...

Do you have a video camera? Gus loves to film the dogs or I will film him and then watch it over and over. That might help some time go by.

Bev said...

The idea of a video camera is great. I will take videos of Grayson on my point and shoot and then upload onto my computer. He loves watching himself.

Elizabeth said...

So glad yall are surviving the snow up there! Way to go with all the activities!! He is PRECIOUS!!