Monday, February 8, 2010

A Nice Soak

The little guy has discovered the singular pleasure of a nice soak in a warm tub.
All the better if he can have toys (or baby wash) on his tummy and a hand outstretched under the running water.
He absolutely loves it, and will stay like this for half an hour!  Sometimes he'll close his eyes and flutter his little hands by his ears to hear the underwater sounds.  Sometimes he'll have me read him his bathtub book.  Sometimes I'll sprinkle water over his tummy or rub his head.  But any way you do it, he's a fan.  It's the only time he's still all day!

Oh, that bonk on his forehead?  The product of a tumble down a few stairs into the corner of a baby gate, while I was standing right there.  Lot of good I did!


Elissa said...

Too cute! Amelia likes to lie ON HER STOMACH in the bathtub and kick. She's even started to put her face in the water a little (which sometimes causes some spluttering and coughing). I think I need to get her back into swim lessons!

Aunt Betty said...

I see a Jacuzzi tub in your future

Julie said...

Andrew's figured out the benefit of a nice soak in the tub - I believe in hydro-therapy myself! I bet that's why he sleeps so well at night!

The Steffens said...

haha, he's just like his mama :)

BettieBoyd said...

At last,a relax time for Andrew!