Thursday, January 21, 2010

Our Week

Oh my, what a week we've had!
Why, it's been really quite bad!

The babe and I have been sick, sick, sick.
A nasty stomach bug has done its trick.

The hubs--in all his virus-proof brawn--
was the only one the bug didn't take on.

So, he's been left to play the nurse:
changing diapers, sheets, and worse.

Hope we'll be back to blogging soon,
and singing a brand new, healthier tune!


BettieBoyd said...

You must be getting better if you can rhyme again! Love, Mama

Rhonda Hennessy said...

So sorry for you! We all had it over Christmas. Praying for you to feel much better soon!

EMILY said...

So sorry to hear that... hopefully ya'll are up and at 'em again soon!!!

Faris Connor said...

Bless your hearts. Hope you are on the mend!

J said...

Oh I am so sorry to hear how sick you've been! Praying Jacob will continue to stay well and that the rest of you mend quickly!

Sarah Rose said...

Oh, YUCK! So thankful to hear that there's a caretaker in the house... but I know you have to feel just rotten, battling morning sickness AND a virus... praying you'll get better, and FAST!

Malacy said...

Hope things are better. There's nothing worse than being sick and pregnant! Pedialyte popsicles are always a staple when Gus is sick.

Anonymous said...

Hope you and Andrew are back to full health very soon! Hopefully, you both have enough antibodies from this bout to keep you from getting sick this spring!
Love and kisses,

Courtney said...

Feel better! I'm so sorry you guys have been sick. I'm way behind reading blogs & just saw that you are expecting again...congratulations!!!