Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Texas Thanksgiving

Pink and yellow skies welcomed us to Texas on Thanksgiving Day.

And the little guy had a front row seat for sunset on this, his 17th flight. (Crazy, I know.) 

Soon he was...
Hanging out with Grandpa and Grandma Snodgrass.


Spending time in the Colonel's War College chair.

Mummy walking.

Playing basketball.

And lining up for some of that beautiful bird.

What a fabulous feast we had!

As soon as we'd done celebrated Thanksgiving, it was time to break out the Christmas wardrobe.

And head down to the Riverwalk to see the lights.

(This is almost exactly how I see Jacob in my mind's eye.  It's fun to have a picture that captures it.)

(This is Andrew's new favorite face.  I think he's feeling out his new teeth.)

Water + lights + boats of carolers = super fun!

A trip to the zoo ('nother post) and a couple rivalry games later, and we were on our way back to DC.

Hope your Thanksgiving was as delightful as ours!


J said...

LOVE the smocked cowboys!!! Glad your Thanksgiving was wonderful!

susie in texas said...

You go Mr. Andrew!!! A big HOWDY, and an even bigger WHOOP!!! Gig 'em

Susie in Texas

Anonymous said...

What fun we had with you Andrew - y'all come back now!
Love, Grandma

BettieBoyd said...

Fabulous trip! I know Dave and Julie were so thrilled to have you with them! The pictures show what a good time you all had together!Love, Mama

Kelly said...

As my mom said today while looking at your blog, "that boy gorgeous." Of course I told her the correct terminology "incredibly handsome." :)