Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Andrew's biggest participation in Christmas this year has been playing household DJ.  This is how it goes, 'cuz I don't ever want to forget...

{please ignore the fact that he is sans pants...some days are just like that}

First, he notices that Mama has turned on the Christmas music and dashes over to the CD player.

Then, if using his left hand, he turns the music way down.

But, if using his right hand, he turns it waaaaaaaaaay UP!

Which always succeeds in scaring him half to death, causing him to spin around from the CD player and leap into my lap in half a second.

Once safely in my arms, he thinks his feat is absolutely hilarious and laughs and laughs while the music blares.

I just extra love playing Christmas music these days.


Aunt Cacky said...

Too funny; what a sweet and amazing little boy!

Julie said...

Could this be a preview of his teen years when he cranks the stereo up?

J said...

I am laughing, laughing, laughing! And lovin' the outfit sans pants. We definitely have some of those days around here (ok, like nearly everyday!)

BettieBoyd said...

We are SO glad to have internet (therefore blogs) again! I am enjoying all your posts. Look how far you have come, with a pantsless toddler, since you were a baby lawyer! Love, Mama

EWP said...

I think pantsless is the best way to be!! :) he's such a cutie!