Monday, November 23, 2009

Hello Out There!

I haven't said much lately, I know, but we've been doing LOTS.  Somehow, with a fully mobile, almost-toddler roaming the halls, blogging time just gets away.

Since the aunts and grands are anxious to see Andrew's latest exploits, I'll give you a taste of those for now.  And later, I'll let you in on the fun things the little guy's parental units have been up to.

First of all, the no-fun stuff: a cold that left me with one lethargic baby.

And recently turned into a double ear infection.  Yuck!

But we've got a pretty good sport on our hands, and he didn't let a little illness hold him down.  Nope, he just up and flew to Alabama for a whirlwind visit with his grandparents, while Jacob and I went to my 5-year sorority pledge class reunion.

While in Birmingham, he visited the promised land of toddlerhood...the Tot Lot.
Swung with his cuzzie.

And slid the big slide.

He snuggled up for storytime with Uncle Charles.

And he rocked out with Lilybit.

Sice we've been home, he's been working on that walking and just generally keeping us busy.

He is such fun!


Aunt Cacky said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!! I've so missed your posts!!

Much love, sorry we didn't get to see y'all during your visit.

Julie said...

My week just started out on a great note - seeing all the pictures of Andrew. Just think, in a few days I'll have him in person!

Katie and Matt said...

the TOT LOT?! how many hours of my youth were spent there?! so fun!

David said...

The photo of Jacob with the 2 kids in his arms while reading from the Animal book is beautiful. Precious memories for you in the years to come.

Jesus Hold My Hand

Tricia said...

OH MY! The TOT LOT!? I loved loved loved that place as a kid! Remeber the weird "cage" that we used to play in... it was like an outdoor playpen or something. pretty sure they got rid of that though...

Family Snodgrass said...

Yes, I do remember the cage! What a weird thing!

J said...

the tot lot??!!! that brings back soooooo many fun memories!!! :)