Saturday, August 29, 2009

This Is His Determined Look

This is his determined look.It's the look he wears when he's on a mission.

It's a little bit in the eyes, but mostly in the mouth.

It's what I see when I head down the hall, turn around, and see him crawling frantically to keep up.

It's the one that takes over when he spots a shoe left out.

It's in place as he pulls up and pops his little head up over the edge of the coffee table.

It's a sure sign that he sees the remote within his reach.

It's there as he rounds the corner into the kitchen.

It's just right for the moments that he tries to escape from being lotioned.

It's all Andrew and it's all determination.

It's a really great look.


J said...


Anonymous said...

I have seen that look before! Love, Mama

Julie said...

You are able to capture Andrew's expressions in both word and pictures - determination will serve him well!